Driver fatalities soar

Noel O'Brien

3/12/20242 min read

Drivers are losing their lives in increasing numbers. Over 600 will die this year, sadly they’ll be responsible for the deaths of 200 of their passengers. Driver fatalities recorded the biggest increase in lives lost last year.

Most drivers will lose their lives in single vehicle accidents, these continue to rise and are at a 15-year high. Most are due to inappropriate speed, loss of control, crashing into a tree, fire-balling, overturning or rolling. They reflect poor driver behaviour and judgement.

Drivers need to understand that whilst they are confident drivers on familiar metropolitan roads, it a different situation on lower grade regional roads. They won’t have experienced an emergency stop or sudden changed conditions on a poor quality road surface.

Drivers are increasing risk taking in heavy pick-up trucks and large ute’s. Driving these vehicles like hotted up cars. They’re emboldened by the less visible road policing. We’re seeing the consequences with almost one thousand males losing their lives last year.

State transport ministers need to recognise that its going to take years to recruit up to 4,000 police and fix the problem with roads policing. It’s imperative that the sanctions system is quickly reformed to include sanctions that actually change worsening driver behaviour.

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