Government want to change attitudes on speeding, drivers see the system as unfair, all about fines revenue.

The Safe Driver Program is a national program focused on improving driver behaviour. Its fairer for good drivers and tougher on repeat and reckless offenders.

It updates existing sanctions, introduce new sanctions and programs focused on improving driver behaviour.

It relies on the same fines, demerits, programs and appeals options in every state and territory so drivers begin to see the system as fair.

Good drivers will be rewarded with cautions versus fines, good behavior bonds and bonus demerits for continual good driving.

Repeat offenders will face sanctions aimed at changing their behaviour before they lose their licence. With Vehicle Monitoring for repeat speedsters, A Safe Mobile Phone Program for phone offenders and other Skills Improvement Programs.

Repeat offenders will be required to retake their driving test before their driving licence renewal if their offending history hasn't improve.

Reckless drivers who continually offend will face even stricter sanctions. They'll be placed on the National At Risk Driver Register if they're issued a restricted license.

Check out the full Safe Driver Program in the book, Penalty Rip Off.

Current sanctions are ineffective as drivers find ways around high fines, facing little consequence for repeat offending.

States are overly focused on fines revenue with sanctions that do little to change driver behaviour.

The Safe Driver Program

Improves driver behaviour