Little Impact The road toll climbed to a 7-year high in 2023, it fell to its lowest during Covid with lockdowns and travel restrictions. Predictably its risen to new record highs over Easter 2024 and the Anzac Day Weekend.

Seatbelts, Random Breath Testing, Speed Cameras Were the key changes that lowered the road toll, not increased fines or more policing.

High fines and enforcement, Have never worked to lower the road toll. Drivers are finding ways around high fines and sanctions, now a national shortage of 4000 police, means that they're no longer able to maintain high levels of enforcement.

Fixated on fines, State governments are fixated on the billions fines contribute each year, they're reluctant to change to a better system that improves driver behavior and safety.

Double the safety gap, While politicians fumble, more people die on Australian roads, 100 compared to just 52 in safer countries, this safety gap has been growing for 4-years.

Unfair to drivers, Over 30-years ago states agreed to consistency we've still got differing road rules, appeal options, speeding fines and demerits in every state.

Appeal Until states introduce a fairer system, drivers are encouraged to appeal all unfair fines. Its easy, it could save hundreds of dollars, even your license, just follow the suggestions on my website or in my book.

Remember, you'll loose nothing by appealing, you'll benefit by getting an extension in time to pay plus there's a good chance you'll get the fine dismissed if you've got a good driving record and a reasonable excuse.