Record Road Toll

The 2023 road toll will see a 7-year high


11/1/20231 min read

The 2023 road toll is fast approaching 1270* lives lost, with the Christmas Holiday Season approaching.

This year has seen, more drivers and passengers loosing their lives, increases in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and a continuing increase in single vehicle accidents.

Its clear that our national road safety strategy has failed and we're overdue a complete overhaul of our approach to road safety. The government is aiming at halving the road toll, even though the road toll is climbing to new highs.

State governments high fines and heavy enforcement strategy is no longer working. Drivers are finding ways around fines and sanctions, which are having little impact in changing driver behaviour.

Transport ministers must be delusional if they believe they can halve the road toll by 2030. Only an independent National Road Safety Summit will begin to reverse the increasing trauma on our roads, as all previous road safety strategies have failed.

*The road toll is forecast to increase 6% this year, with increases in 7 of 10 months.

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